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The Importance Of An Estate Plan

At any point in the estate planning process, from drafting a will to entering probate court, a skilled attorney is essential. An estate plan lays out your wishes for all of the belongings and assets you own, many of which could be lost if they are not included or properly distributed in your plan.

An estate plan is a way to ensure your wishes are met and to protect your family. If you or a loved one passes away without any sort of plan in place, the value of the estate could greatly decrease and may not be distributed to the heirs you or your loved one would have chosen.

Your Situation Is Important To Me

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Ellis, I have experience in a variety of estate planning matters, including:

  • Drafting and updating wills
  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Establishing trusts
  • Creating lifelong plans
  • Assisting with advance funeral arrangements
  • Guidance during probate court

I treat every client with respect and understanding. If you have just lost a loved one, I will help you through the legal process as you cope. If you are just starting an estate plan, I will take time to understand your position so I can offer the best possible advice and services. No matter your need, I am here to find solutions for you.

Seek Experienced Counsel For Your Estate

Planning out your wishes for your entire estate is not easy to do on your own. Enlist the counsel of an experienced Minnesota lawyer to guide you. I offer free 30-minute consultations, which you can schedule by contacting me online or calling 651-319-9334. My office is in Rosemount and I work with clients in Apple Valley, Eagan and the entire Twin Cities metro.

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