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Guidance On All Of Your Business Needs

Running a business requires extensive planning and research. It is a huge undertaking, especially when there is an overload of advice and information out there about business management. It can be hard to know where to begin.

Whether you want to start a company or you encounter issues with your current business, a business law attorney can be an excellent resource. At The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Ellis, PLLC, I offer a range of services to guide my business clients such as:

  • Thorough business advice
  • Assistance with startups
  • Building business strategies and solutions
  • Negotiation during contract disputes
  • Representation during business mergers and acquisitions
  • Continued guidance on business operations

Get Business Advice You Can Trust

I know businesses require time and long-term plans to grow and flourish. That is why I provide more than a short-term service. I form lasting relationships with my clients and create strategies to help them maintain an effective business for years to come. I will be your partner for success.

I approach every client’s situation with an eye for effectiveness. Many clients come to me looking for the “right” business methods, but your situation is unique. Together, we can find the most effective plan for your business goals — the right choice for you.

Partner With A Diligent Minnesota Lawyer

With such an important piece of your life that you have worked so hard to build, you do not want to risk mistakes or oversights. I am here for all your business needs.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me, contact me online or call 651-319-9334. I am in Rosemount and work with clients in Apple Valley, Eagan and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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